Macaulay Culkin Is Busy Singing About Pizza

Macaulay Culkin (Getting Even With Dad) is busy these days with his new band “The Pizza Underground”, singing songs about everyone’s favorite food; PIZZA.  Awesome.

If you don’t believe me, they’ve uploaded their song “Papa John Says” which you can dance to here:

Other tracks on their pizza filled “The Pizza Underground Demo” are “I’m Beginning to Eat the Slice”, “Pizza”, “I’m Waiting for Delivery Man”, “Cheese Days”, “Pizza Day”, “All the Pizza Parties”, “Pizza Gal” and of course “Take a Bite of the Wild Slice”. 

The album was released on Dec. 2nd and also carries the note “Recorded live at Macaulay Culkin’s house on November 11, 2013”.  Good to know.

Luckily just in time for Christmas, you can buy their album HERE at their bandcamp site.



Would you guys support Macaulay’s strange, yet awesome foray into music?  I actually think I might, especially if their site asks you to “Name your price”.

– TODD SPENCE (twitter)