Meet The Man Who Almost Died On Both Doomed Malaysian Airlines Flights

We’ve all heard the story about how Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane was supposed to have flown on one of the September 11th flights, but due to a hangover, made a last minute change. Well that lucky break is nothing compared to cyclist Maarten de Jonge’s story.

Maarten, who is part of the Terengganu Cycling Team based in Malaysia, booked a flight on Malaysia Airline’s MH370 last March. The plane disappeared somewhere over the Indian Ocean, but due to a change in his cycling schedule, Maarten had changed his flight, narrowly avoiding a watery grave.

As if that wasn’t enough, Maarten was also booked on  flight MH17 which was downed by a missile last week near the Ukrainian and Russian border. Once again, he ended up changing flights, a move that saved his life a second time.

World’s luckiest man.

In the case of the most recent catastrophe, Maarten changed his flight for a cheaper one that had a layover in Frankfurt, Germany. Score one for frugality.

“I could have taken that one just as easily,” Maarten said. “It’s inconceivable. I am very sorry for the passengers and their families, yet I am very pleased I’m unharmed.”

Maarten recently posted on his personal blog, downplaying his luck by saying his story is meaningless compared to those of the victims and their families. He declined to make further comment out of respect for those who died on flights MH17 and MH370.


source: Daily Mail