Lucky Lyft Driver Finds Female Customer’s Sex Toy, Gets Offer He Can’t Refuse

If you’re a driver for a company like Lyft or Uber, it’s important to inspect your vehicle after your customers leave. You never know what might be left behind. Recently, a Lyft driver got a reward for doing his due diligence.

When searching his car, the Lyft driver came across a purple sex toy left behind by a female customer. At first, he didn’t know how to tell her about the item she had forgotten.

Eventually, instead of beating around the bush or trying to look up the sex toy’s technical name, he simply took a picture of it and sent it to the confused customer.

His reward? A suggestive text message with an even more suggestive emoji. 

Sensing an opening, the Lyft driver immediately attempts to seal the deal. I think we can all agree that he did well.

The end to this story appears anticlimactic at first. However, considering that this was their final textual correspondence of the night, I think it’s safe to assume things heated up once the iPhones were put down.