Do You Think This Teacher Should’ve Been Suspended For Her ‘Sexy’ Selfies?

39-year-old Lydia Ferguson, a teacher at Ousedale Secondary in England, was escorted from the school after being suspended for a series of “sexy” selfies that accidentally leaked online. Now, it may just be me, but I’m a little confused why Lydia is in trouble since:

  • She’s not naked in any of the photos
  • She didn’t fuck any students
  • Seriously, these photos really aren’t that bad

Is it sad that I automatically assume any news story about a teacher ends in the teacher being arrested for fucking a student? Generally you don’t get your name in the papers unless you’ve either done something horrible or you’re hot and did something mildly-newsworthy; in this case, Lydia just happens to be hot and trying to grow her Instagram following:

Lydia’s pictures range from “Basic bitch with a Snapchat filter” to “Trying to look natural but it’s obvious I spent two hours getting ready to take this one photo.” None of them would be rated more than PG if they were movies, and try as hard as you might but I’m pretty sure masturbating to any of these would be the same as opening up a copy of Better Homes and Gardens and trying to jerk it to a particularly curvy daffodil:

Mmmmmm baby, just like that…

Since Lydia’s suspension, students at Ousedale have banded together to circulate a petition to have her reinstated, accusing the school of being too prude when it came to the photos. “She is a brilliant teacher,” one student remarked to The Sun in defense of Lydia, “she is there to help students who have problems like bullying and stuff. She does so much to help us and we’re so upset she’s been suspended. Not a single person thinks there is anything inappropriate about it.”

Headmaster Sue Carbert, however, was unwilling to speak on the matter. “If we have any concerns about a staff member, this would not be discussed with students,” she explained. “We are aware of rumors but conclusions are being drawn which have no factual basis.”

What do you think – are these images too “sexy” for a school teacher? Tell us why not in the comments, because there’s nothing fucking wrong here and people are dumb 🙂