Do You Think This Hot Teacher Should Have To Quit Her Job Over These Photos?

We’ve talked about 39-year-old Lydia Ferguson before – how the poor teacher and mother-of-three was suspended from her job at Ousedale Secondary in the UK after she posted photos like this one…

…onto Facebook.

No, that’s really what she got suspended for. Not for fucking the students like many of our U.S. teachers enjoy doing, and not for getting into a fight with a parent or for helping her students cheat in order to inflate their grades. Nope, Lydia was suspended because she posted “sexy” pictures on social media and school administrators got pissed.

Working as a full-time “learning mentor” for children with behavioral problems, Lydia was with Ousedale for four years until the school discovered the photos that, frankly, are completely innocent. Even the students are on Lydia’s side, with one commenting that “There is nothing wrong with the photos at all. We think Miss looks lovely.”

“She is a brilliant teacher.

“She is there to help students who have problems like bullying and stuff.

“She does so much to help us and we’re so upset she’s been suspended.

“Not a single person thinks there is anything inappropriate about it.”

After receiving her suspension, however, Lydia determined that she would rather be unemployed than working with Ousedale at all. “I just don’t want the stress of it [this moronic photo scandal] anymore,” she explains to The Sun. “My family have been through enough of it. It’s taken up quite a lot of my life which has been quite hard.”

“I’ve always stuck to a rule on Facebook and Instagram that if my Grandad, bless his heart, would look at any of my pictures in disgust, I would never post them.”

“I’m not worried about my pictures, but it seems some people are.”

An Ousedale spokesman has stated that Lydia is “no longer employed as a member of the support staff” and that “the school has nothing further to add.”

What do you think – was the school right to suspend Lydia, or should they check for a bug that’s crawled up their ass? Let us know in the comments!


[Via The Sun]