Restaurant Responds With “F*** Off” After Customer Posts Negative Review

Let’s face it, most customers can be a royal pain in the neck like this customer who wrote “LOL” as her tip. But unfortunately someone made the phrase “the customer is always right” and that’s what restaurant workers have to live by.

In this case however, the customer was actually in the right because she had made a reservation for the Lusitano Restaurant but upon showing up, the restaurant was closed. She then emailed the restaurant through their website and tried calling to let them know how annoyed she was, but she never received a response. She then decided to post a message on their facebook wall as a last resort, only it seemed the folks at Lusitano could not have cared less by simply replying to her post with “Just f*ck off lady”.

Who’s running Lusitano’s facebook page, Bad Santa?

31-year-old Jennifer Bennett was shocked after receiving the crude reply after her numerous attempts to reach literally anyone that worked at the restaurant, but luckily for her, it was on the very public facebook forum where many people began to immediately notice the reply and share it with others.

Bennett told the press that when she had shown up to the restaurant, there was a sign on the door that said Closed For Repairs. Annoyed that she had made the reservation a few days earlier (not to mention already spent money on a groupon to eat there) the workers taking Bennett’s reservation made no mention that they would be closed on that day, let alone information for how long they would actually be closed for.

What, no swear words?!

After the reply went viral, the managers of Lusitano then reported to the press that the message was posted by an ex-worker of Lusitano who still had access to the company’s facebook page. First of all, why would you give just any employee access to a company’s facebook page let alone not remove them off the admin list once they left the company. The owner said a few ex-employees left the company on bad terms, which is all the more reason to create a new password for the facebook page. Just a thought, guys.

The owner said he’s shocked that the a customer received such a message and will not only find out who posted it, but also compensate Bennett for the annoyance.