BREAKING: Your First Look At Luke Skywalker From ‘The Force Awakens’

We haven’t seen Luke Skywalker since 1983 and it’s still mind-blowing to think that we are going to get a new Star Wars film with the original trio updating their iconic roles but we had still yet to see what Skywalker will look like for the film. We’ve seen Solo, Leia, but not Skywalker. Until now.

Looks like a leaked photo has finally answered that question for us and even though it’s not an official release from Disney and might spoil the fun in waiting, well, who the hell can wait any longer!

Behold, Luke Skywalker.

I dig it all. I dig the beard, the Obi-Wan-esque robe and most importantly I dig that Hamill is portraying Skywalker again in what looks to be an epic return to form. It’s about time we wash the taste out of our mouths from those prequels with some real filmmaking. Also the lack of green screen in this single shot is thrilling really.

Thanks to Aint It Cool for posting the image!