This Lucha Libre Match Between Two Teams Of Ninja Turtles Is Pretty Amazing

Lucha Libre is one of the best things in the world. Some people became more familiar with it after Jack Black’s semi-failed attempt with the movie Nacho Libre (I didn’t mind it so much), but it is truly one of the more glorious things to ever happen in the world of sports. So to say there was a Lucha Libre wrestling match involving not one, but two teams of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles recently really doesn’t do this whole thing justice.

Team Alianza Universal has a few different costumes in their repertoire, the Ninja Turtles being one of them. And the team known as International Wrestling Revolution Group decided to bout with Alianza in their own Ninja Turtle costumes creating something really special. What occured was one of the more glorious wrestling bouts since, well, never. Using mainly acrobatics and overall solid showmanship, they gave the crowd quite the fight. Check out highlight reel below. And then share the hell out of it.

Can these guys please make an appearance in North America at civic center somewhere? I’d be delighted to offer them my hard hearned $10 for a front row seat.

If this scenario couldn’t be more random, a third group of Ninja Turtle performers (not as fancy, but you can spot them in the video) known as Las Tortugas Mutantes with simple Turtle-esque masks and black tshirts ran in to battle the other two Turtle groups. Then a fourth team ran in, but had their own costume thing going on, creating chaos to the entire match. Apparently no one actually “won” this bout, but a second match will be scheduled later on to settle the score. Awesome.

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source: Uproxx