Beer Maker Who Brewed “Empire Strikes Bock” In Trouble With Lucasfilm

Star Wars has become a hungry Sarlacc pit that cannot be satisfied. It’s not just a movie empire. It’s a video game empire. It’s a toy empire. It’s an apparel empire. It’s a costume empire. It’s a soap empire. That’s right, you can tell people you bathe with C-3P0 and technically, it’s not supposed to sound weird. And now that Disney has their mitts on the entire Star Wars universe, you can bet your last druggat that we’re about to get flooded with merchandise we didn’t even know we wanted.

A brewery in New York dared to loosely affiliate itself with Star Wars, and they are about to incur the legal wrath of the Mouse. The Empire Brewering Company came up with a clever name for their new Bock brew called “Strikes Bock,” but the legal team that protects Disney’s Star Wars wing wasn’t all that amused. They filed an opposition notice with the US Patent and Trademark Office claiming that the name “is virtually identical in sound, appearance and connotation to Lucasfilm’s The Empire Strikes Back mark.”

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“Luke, I am your lager.” Shut up, you didn’t think of it.

Disney’s claim is so piecemeal and picky that we’re worried that simply typing the name The Empire Strikes Back into this article is going to earn us a sternly written letter from their legal team. (Source)