Louis CK Sent A Hilarious Email To Fans Letting Them Know His Show Is Canceled

Before fans even knew Louis CK had cancelled his following night’s performance because of the impending Snowmageddon blizzard, ticket holders received an email from CK himself explaining what was going on. He also questioned why the word canceled had only one L.

His main explanation was that if his show simply gets snowed out and no one attends, there’s zero percent chance he’ll be able to get a deposit back so it’s better to cancel the show ahead of time. Obviously it’s probably a joke that Louis CK had to worry about a deposit at Madison Square Garden but maybe there’s some truth to that too. Regardless, he informed them they would be immediately receive a full refund.

Here’s the message he sent to 15,000 ticket holders.

What a classy guy. Your move, Seinfeld.

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source: USA Today