20 Hilarious Loud Sex Notes From The Angriest Neighbors Ever

If you’ve ever heard your neighbors banging, the first time can be kind of funny. The second and third, okay give it a rest. No one needs to be that loud. Then when the tenth time finally rolls around, enough is enough because some people gotta work in the morning! No one likes confrontation, especially when it’s admittance that you can hear your neighbor (often times a total stranger) doin’ the dirty deed, so out comes the pen and pad and some furious handwriting.

Here are some of the funniest notes people have received from their extremely annoyed neighbor who have had to put up with your loud sex over and over again. Seriously, you’re just too damn loud.















(Same person, new note.)









Nothing like having your loud sex be put on the internet for all to hear. Keep up the good work, everyone. You make all of us at Break proud.

So have you ever received a note from loud sex, or ever wrote one? Seriously, I’m curious. Thankfully I sleep with a motorcycle helmet on because I think it looks cool.

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