Lottery Winner Convicted Of Fraud Five Days After Big Win

Why are stories of lottery winners almost always so tragic? How did we turn the rare, joyous occasion of getting a bunch of free money into a tale of woe? It’s like learning that birthday cake is a magnet for contracted sexually transmitted diseases without actually having sex. The latest tragic tale comes from Canada where a man who won the lottery got a fraud conviction just five days after picking up his very big check. 

Carlton Watson received a five-year prison sentence for 42 charges of fraud, breach of trust and obstructing justice on Monday just five days after winning $275,000 from playing the lottery. The police officer was convicted of running an accident scam that netted more than $1 million in payments from insurance companies in which he filed nine fraudulent accident reports with the help of a tow-truck driver. We assume he only got five years because scamming an insurance company is like taking a few too many pennies from that change tray at the convenience store. Sure it’s wrong but the victim really won’t feel it. 

Lotto winners have all the worst luck after they win; also bad cops who commit fraud.

The man claimed during the sentencing phase of the trial that his wife needed extra medical care and that he had to sell his house to cover her expenses, even though he won the lottery. To think this guy used to be a police officer. Notice I say “used to” because you don’t get a “do-over” after something like that. 

Source: The Star