Type Loser.com Into Your Browser And Prepare To Laugh

Based on the headline, if you haven’t typed Loser.com into your browser and hit enter yet, we’ll let you go ahead and do that because findng the answer on your own is so much richer.

Finished? Great. That’s right, if you head to loser.com, the homepage redirects you to Kanye West’s Wikipedia page where you can learn all about the “rapper” with the loudest mouth in show business. Reddit User “Disapeer” made this discovery and posted the find onto Reddit which led others to confirm that it is indeed true. Awesome.

“Imma let you finish typing.”

It might be safe to say that Kanye West is the most despised man in the entertainment industry by fans than any other artist. Sure, John Travolta and others get crapped on every now and again, but it’s West people seem to just flat out dislike. And directing loser.com to his Wikipedia page–not even a page of his own, but the crappy Wikipedia page–is proof that just no one likes the guy.

So make sure to tell all of your friends to head to loser.com, but don’t tell them why. Also if they’re fans of West’s music, it’ll make for a great afternoon debate on how West has redefined the term loser.

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source: Reddit