See What It Looks Like To Get Your Bellybutton Removed

Body modification has reached a new level of unique ways to freak people out. That or people are just really bored with life; either way I love looking at the weird things people are willing to do to themselves.  This ranks up there with getting a tattoo of Danny DeVito as Trashman. A user on Reddit submitted these photos of her friend who she claims had her bellybutton REMOVED.  Below is some pretty sick photographic evidence of the belly button removal, including of a human belly button in a jar.

Why couldn’t they just get the whites of their eyes tattooed like a normal person?

The body mod was done by LunaCobra a body modification expert who has performed the process called “nulo”- or nullification, before.


Having your belly button removed is a great way to express your individuality as a body modifier.

There also may be additional benefits to beings belly button free such as no longer having to clean out copious amounts of belly button lint…  and to avoid dating people with sexy bellybutton fetishes. Here is another bellybutton nullo poster surgery, to show what it looks like; a human Ken doll.

Actually Ken had a bellybutton so that analogy doesn’t even work. He still didn’t have man junk though.

Love me for who I am, not my super sexy belly button.

This whole belly button removal thing even makes Benjamin Button seem less weird. I’m pretty sure he had a belly button!

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Source: Reddit