London Testing Self-Driving Car Pods For Public Use Today!

This looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie.

This car is actually a smart car.

Do you remember the scene in the original Total Recall where Arnold hails a cab and a robot pulls up driving? Well good news, because that day has finally arrived.

On Wednesday the city of London is testing out self-driving Lutz Pathfinder pods in a pedestrian area in an effort to change laws that would allow the small two seat vehicle to be used by the public. This way you would be free to text message, talk on the phone and surf the internet all you want while the car safely drives you.

I really hope the Lutz pods have a creepy animatronic head in the driver’s seat.

While driverless cars have been making huge advances the last few years, companies like Google and Audi have been enhancing already existing cars with autonomous technology. For This year’s CES Audio demonstrated that it’s driverless car could make it all the way from San Francisco to Las Vegas on its own.

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The Lutz pods use 22 sensors, cameras, laser imaging and radar to navigate and during the tests a human driver will be able to take control if something goes wrong. What could go wrong?

Let’s just hope the new driverless cars don’t short circuit.

Lawmakers in London hope to have their city on the forefront of the technology by testing Gateway’s self-driving passenger shuttles in Greenwich in addition to the Lutz pods which will be available in public areas.

At least you can hop off quickly

The transportation ministers of the British government hope that the current study will allow them to amend laws in the next few years in order to allow autonomous vehicles on the road permanently.

Many believe that people’s confidence in the safety of the driverless cars will be the biggest hurdle to overcome with the technology.

Would you ride in a driverless car?

Source: The Independent

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