Loch Ness Meteor Photographed In Stunning Image Over Scotland

Nessie The Lock Ness Monster must have been wishing upon a star, because an incredible image was captured of a “shooting star” this week.

Meteor? Obviously a UFO cover story.

John Alasdair MacDonald, a tour guide in Scotland captured the photograph of a lifetime when while taking photos at Loch Ness and came across a bright meteor flying across the sky. While you might expect such a great image to have been captured by a professional photographer, much the way that photo of a weasel riding a woodpecker was taken the other week, MacDonald says he is a photography novice. He says the photo was an absolute fluke:

“I am not a photographer really. I just take some now and again to put on Facebook. It had been such a lovely weekend and the sky was so clear, I thought I would nip up the loch and take some photos using by little compact camera which I just point and shoot.”

The meteor burning up as it entered the earth’s atmosphere was so bright that locals even called authorities to report that they had seen a distress flare from a ship in the area. Here is some dash cam video of the same meteor from Sunday night and you can see why.

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Source: Independent UK