Can Satan’s School Bus Ever Be Stopped?

School’s out…for eternity!  *cue sinister laughter and flames as children are swallowed into the fiery maw of the underworld*

Backing up ever so slightly, one mother in Memphis who has literally all the time in the world to waste and nothing else to waste it on is complaining about the local school bus.  See if you can guess why based on this photo…

Not sure yet?  Try this photo, which has been digitally enhanced by Memphis police  forensic investigators.  Look at that amazing resolution…

[[contentId: 2807808| alt: | style: width:75%]]

Still not sure?  OK, this one will do it…

[[contentId: 2807809| alt: | style: width:75%]]

This one isn’t even a joke, this is literally what Robyn Wilkins, local mother and shape-hater, has taken umbrage over.  She feels these pentagrams represent Satanism, and it’s not even so bad that the kids are going to school on Satan’s bus, it’s that there’s supposed to be a separation of Church and State.  She’d be just as offended if this were Jesus’ bus.  No doubt…

Wilkins offered up this quote ot her local news, possibly without even having had a drink first – “Anyone who fears a god, if not God and Jesus Christ, should be outraged.”  That got us thinking so we did a bit of digging into this whole five-pointed star business and Ms. Wilkins better hold onto her control top panty hose, because this devilish rabbit hole goes deep.  Maybe too deep.  Check out what else we found.

[[contentId: 2807810| alt: | style: width:60%]]

Admit it, you always suspected something was up in Dallas.

[[contentId: 2807811| alt: | style: width:60%]]

An oil company?  No way!

[[contentId: 2807812| alt: | style: width:60%]]

The makers of Grand Theft Auto?  Clearly evil.

[[contentId: 2807813| alt: | style: width:60%]]

Oh God, it’s everywhere!  It’s even…

[[contentId: 2807814| alt: | style: width:60%]]