Ariana Grande Accidentally Shared Video Of Her Kissing Liz Gillies

The internet can be kind to most of us but cruel to others, especially celebrities.

Ariana Grande, a pop star most of us could care less about, posted this video of her kissing actress Liz Gillies onto her instagram which she says was totally by accident when trying to edit the video down. Riiiiight. Ariana Grande? Editing? She’s a regular Sally Menke I hear! After Demi Lovato posed nude for Vanity Fair last week, it seems Grande has to step up her pop star game and making out with the oh so attractive Liz Gillies is enough to do the trick. Especially by our standards.

Behold, the moment that you can watch on repeat until the end of your days.

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If you’re over the age of 25, I’ll fill you in on some history here. Apparently the two became besties after starring in the musical 13 early in their careers, which included sharing a dressing room. Since they’re now both college age, I guess it’s time for them to do what college age girls do and experiment. At least that’s what National Lampoon has taught me.

If you’re not aware of who Elizabeth Gillies is, she’s co-starring with Denis Leary on Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll for FX. But beyond her acting capabilities, she deserves pretty much all of your attention.

And to think I thought Tuesdays were boring.