Live Snake Hurled At Tim Hortons Employee Over Sandwich Dispute

In today’s restaurant – customer dispute we go to Saskatoon, Canada where two customers were not happy with the ssssserivice at a Tim Hortons coffee shop Monday morning. Police say a pair of young men entered Tim Hortons around 7:30AM for breakfast when things got scaly.

Scene of a vicious snaking.

They became enraged when they received their order of breakfast sandwiches and discovered that the onions had not been diced. As they confronted the store’s staff one of the men reached into the other guy’s pocket and pulled out a snake which he tossed at an employee. Was Adam Sandler’s “The Buffoon” eating at Tim Hortons? “I got a snake, man!”

This happened in Canada so instead of throwing a python or a cobra or something badass like that, it was a polite snake of the tame garter variety. You will be happy to know that this weaponized snake is fine and police have named him “Outlaw.”

The snake in question: loves donuts and coffee weirdly enough.

After the snake was thrown terrified employees fled the store; so attention criminals in Canada there is a Tim Hortons you can rob with a garter snake. -Yeah, to be fair I would have ran too. Humans are insane, if he is throwing a snake who knows what he’s going to do next.  The two 20 year old suspects face criminal charges of mischief and causing a disturbance. Thankfully the Tim Hortons didn’t overcharge them by $4.

Source: StarPhoenix

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