LIVE: George Zimmerman Trial: Closing Arguments Staff by Staff on Jul. 12, 2013

The defense in the Geroge Zimmerman trial has presented its closing arguments, and the prosecution is making its case to the jury. 

Here's a recap of the defense's closing statements to the jury.

QUESTION: What do you think the verdict will be? 

notnotAtrebek User

A grown man claims he feared for his life during his encounter with an unarmed teenager. If we can surmise anything from this, it is that George Zimmerman is a huge pussy.

DrumerDude26 User

I live in central florida....just getting ready for the riots

llga01 User

This ONLY became an issue, and Zimmerman got charged for acting in SELF-DEFENSE, because comrade obamas made this an issue about race in an ELECTION year, in a SWING state in blatant grab for votes!

obama owes Mr. Zimmerman and APOLOGY for ruining his life!


Such a racially charged case, so much so our president had to get involved.. I love how he wouldn't have cared if it was a white kid that got shot.

gaymertag User

@Wilson-Ramos-804 @llga01 Obama: "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon"... Why would the president of the United States feel the need to comment on some local case in Florida?... Wilson, you're a fucking idiot and are oblivious to anything happening. You shouldn't have opinion...


@gaymertag @Wilson-Ramos-804 @llga01 So if he is a public figure, he isn't entitled to an opinion? It's really easy to be bias when you have most likely never been in that situation or lived that life, in any case; did he have to go as far as he did? No, but he did. The State is only trying to make an example out of this case, which if it were the other way around, it would not go to trial. I'm not expecting you to use the only remaining brain cells to come to this conclusion, it's self-evident in misquoting Obama.