Liv Tyler: Elf, Rock Daughter and Hottie

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It’s a very short list of people whose father is a major rock star, played an elf who married a human king in the greatest film trilogy ever (sorry George Lucas, but your films never won Oscar for Best Picture for good reason), and recently performed one of the most bizarre woman on man rape scenes ever shown on television. Yep, there’s really no one else like the gorgeous Liv Tyler, and her interesting looks, ethereal presence and acting skills make her a force to reckon with as an actress. Then again, our focus today isn’t on those skills but on her beauty. To be even more precise, it’s on her body – and where and how we can see it nude. You want to see Liv Tyler nude? You shall. So, let’s gather some hobbits, put on a ring or two and dream on as we journey to the eternal question of


The film that helped make her famous, 1996’s “Stealing Beauty,” was basically about how gorgeous she was. Make no mistake though – this was no standard issue Skinemax flick, as it was directed by legendary director Bernardo Bertolucci. It’s a beautiful and poetic film, and features loads of Liv Tyler nude or close to it. Take a peek here for an especially steamy moment.

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Five years later, in the otherwise forgettable “One Night at McCool’s,” Liv offered arguably the sexiest car washing scene in the history of film. It’s just ridiculously hot.

In 2011’s “The Ledge,” Liv offered even more of her gorgeous skin for fans to savor. The quirky film didn’t find much of an audience upon first release, but is definitely worth it for her fans. Take a look at it here, but don’t stand too close to this ledge or you might fall off due to excessive ogling.

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She’s on record as saying that she tries to avoid them as much as possible. “Sexuality is a very intimate thing. It’s like somebody asking you to go to the bathroom on a stage in front of a thousand people, or something. You just feel very vulnerable in that position. But I always try to convince directors, since in nearly every movie I star in there seems to be nude or love scenes, I always say, ‘You know, do I really have to be like that? Because in real life people just pull their skirt up or a boob pops out!’”

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So how did the nude scene in “The Ledge” happen? She said “I couldn’t win with that negotiation.” Well, win or lose, we thank you Ms. Tyler.


For those who watch it, HBO’s “The Leftovers” is one of the great pleasures in a very crowded TV landscape, and it is a brilliant program. In a recent episode, Liv’s character pulls off her panties, pulls off a tied-up guy’s pants, and rapes him against his will. (The context is complicated, but let’s just say it is her way of getting revenge against the dude’s mother.) You can see the controversial moment here.

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Her victim in the scene was played by Chris Zylka, who said “I feel like if I have to do it — it’s out there — and a lot of the time you feel like the crew is more uncomfortable than you are. So to keep the set morale is the most important thing. You know, maybe crack a couple of jokes and make fun of yourself a little bit so everyone kind of eases into it, so it’s like, “Alright, we’re shooting The Leftovers, let’s do this.”

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“Don’t make nudity the main topic the scene or the day. We’re shooting a scene that I believe worked out really well, and that’s the most important thing. It’s not about nudity; it’s about the story and the connective between Liv and me.”


Beyond the fact that her dad Steven Tyler is considered quite sexy himself, her mom is former Playboy Centerfold Bebe Buell. Bebe was a notorious groupie, so definitely hooked up with her fair share of rock stars beyond just Tyler. Check out some NSFW pics of Bebe here.

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As to her dad, guess how often he claims to have been turned down by a woman he was hitting on. “Never. I’m a persistent motherfucker. I’m very sensual and very rhythm-oriented and into poetry. Women can feel that.”

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