The Orgasm Alarm Clock Promises The Ladies A Powerful Wakeup Call!

We live in amazing times. The inventions of science fiction are finally coming to fruition with Hyperloops and flying cars being built and The EmDrive  currently being tested which could one day take humanity to the stars. We celebrate these inventions alongside this new instrument proving man’s dominance over nature. It’s an alarm clock that wakes up the ladies by giving them an orgasm.

Breakfast in bed? How about breakfast and head?

Now on sale from a UK website, The Little Rooster is a device that women can sleep with while it is affixed to their vajayjay. The saucy sleepers simply set the gadget like you would a regular old alarm clock and when it is set to go off, they get off.   I’m not a lady, but this thing looks like it would be super uncomfortable to shove up your hoo-ha all night. Luckily, according to the website it works like this;

“Little Rooster is worn inside your panties but outside your body. The vibrating leg stimulates your clitoris and labia.”

I believe their target market is for sexually experimental people who are fans of Inspector Gadget and thought “Hey I’d like to have one of those whacky contraptions on my genitals.” It comes in a really nice box:

This is either really awesome or really horrifying. This thing looks like a dust pan you place on your boy in the boat. Who am I to judge? Dudes try to bang lots of weird stuff so why can’t the ladies have some fun in the AM?

Plus the vibrator has 30 LEVELS of power. Whoa. Some mornings mamma is gonna have to turn it up to 30 and “sleep” in. One charge will last a full THREE HOURS so hopefully she doesn’t sleep in too long. What’s more the good people at Little Rooster are working on an Orgasm Alarm Clock for men who are looking for a little morning “how do you do.”  So stay tuned!

Would you try a Little Rooster Orgasm Alarm Clock?

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