10 Year Old Cheated Out Of Contest Winnings

No one expects parking lot contests before football games to be paradigms of honesty and respect, but if you’re holding a contest with kids participating, the least you can do is not rip them off, especially in front of a crowd.

Last weekend, at the game between the Lions and the Cowboys, a 10 year old boy who happened to be a Lions fan was present and entered a contest being held before the game that’s been brought to light by local radio station KISS 96.9.  The game was simple – musical chairs.  You walk around the chairs and sit when the music stops.  Last one on stage gets to win a copy of the new Madden game for PS4.  10 Year old Roman won and all was awesome until one of the MCs saw that Roman was wearing a Lions jersey.  They started a new round of the game and Roman’s opponent won.

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On stage, and in the video, the MC says they both get to win, but Roman’s family said that the other player was given the PS4 game and Roman was given a 1960s Batman DVD plus, after his parents complained, a Led Zeppelin CD, which is at the top of any 10 year old’s wish list.

There’s no doubt after watching the video that Roman fairly won the contest, and if the MC’s wanted to have some fun because he was a Lion’s fan, that’s alright, but the least they could do is keep their word and ensure both kids won.  What the hell is he supposed to do with a Zeppelin CD and an old Batman DVD?  He’s not 40. 

The radio station wasn’t responsible for the MC’s action and now they want to make good, having set up a GoFundMe campaign for Roman to get some new PS4 games and some swag.  You can help out here, or just see how it’s going.

As for the MC of that event, may they be plagued by rats.  Dirty cheaters.