Lions Fan Catches Stranger’s Wife Texting Another Man

Imagine this: You’re watching your favorite team play a home game in the stadium you catch a glimpse of a fellow fan’s phone out of the corner of your eye. You notice that they are with their husband or boyfriend, but they are sending some sexy messages to someone else. What would you do? A fan of the Detroit Lions faced just such a scenario and he decided to help out the poor bastard sitting next to her. 

A Lions fan claims he witnessed this woman sending a sexy text to another guy. Insert ominous organ music here. 

An unidentified Lions fan witnessed another unidentified fan sending a text message to a guy named Jason all throughout the Lions/Bears game on Thanksgiving Day. The fan claims that her messages kept telling the recipient on the other end how much she wished she was with him that day. “I will see you as soon as I’m done with him.” He also noticed that she tried to keep the phone out of her man’s line of sight every time he glanced over or put an arm around her. The fan felt even worse when she saw that she was pregnant. 

So he decided to let the husband know by writing a note explaining what he saw and handed it to him as he left the stadium and told him to read it when he got home. The fan claimed he didn’t know the couple and he doesn’t know what happened after he read the note or if he read it at all but according to a posting on Facebook, he said, “Being the man that I am, I couldn’t help it. I had to write him a little note.”  He posted that:

“I was at the Detroit Lions game today when I noticed this woman who looked 8 months pregnant in a seat in front of me texting a man messages like “I wish I was with you all day” and “I will see you as soon as I’m done with him.” She kept hiding her phone every time her partner put his arm around her or reached in to talk to her. So being the man that I am I couldn’t help it…I had to write him a little note and on his way out after the game was done, I simply waited for him to exit and stopped in front of his woman and handed him a piece of paper and said “I don’t know you and you don’t know me, read this when you get home, trust me.”He looked at me confused and said “okay.” And that was it, idk what happened after and I was a little tipsy but I don’t care, it felt good. I hate fake people.”

He probably assumed that he could deal with the pain of learning that his wife was cheating on him since he was a lifelong Lions fan. 

Source: Detroit Sports