Woman Wears A Spaghetti Strainer In Her License Photo Because Of Her Religion

Image Source: Huffington Post

In Lowell, Massachusetts, a woman was allowed to wear a colander on her head for her driver’s license photo. That is a sentence no one ever thought they’d ever write in their lives.

Lindsay Miller is the woman’s name and she attempted to get her license renewed in August with the spaghetti strainer on her head, but was denied. Not this time and we can’t thank her enough for not giving up. Just look at that amazing driver’s license, folks!

Image Source: Huffington Post

But Miller oddly enough didn’t wear the kitchen equipment as just a joke for her friends and family to laugh at. Miller is actually a practicing Pastafarian and is a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster…which is apparently a real thing. I have now written multiple sentences I never thought I would have written in my lifetime…

“They were kind of laughing at me,” Miller told the Boston Globe. “I … thought that this was not fair. I thought, ‘Just because you haven’t heard of this belief system, [the RMV] should not be denying me a license.'”

Flying spaghetti monster logo

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster was founded in 2005 to protest the teaching of creationism in schools. They claim that they are “anti-crazy nonsense done in the name of religion.”

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Because normal people wear colanders on their heads… right? Miller enlisted an attorney after she felt her religious rights were under attack. Her attorney had this to say: “The First Amendment applies to every person and every religion, so I was dismayed to hear that Lindsay had been ridiculed for simply seeking the same freedoms and protections afforded to people who belong to more traditional or theistic religions.”

Love me some religious freedom. Just like all of my fellow Pastafarians.

So many people around the world are exercising their religious freedom every time they go and get their license photo.

Czeck republic guy wears a colander on his head for driver's license photo.

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Woman wears a colander on her head in her license photo.

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Georgia man wears a colander on his head in license photo.

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I imagine when our forefathers drafted the Amendments, they had many debates about the wearing of colanders on heads. That was the real reason behind Thomas Jefferson and John Adams’ fued. Adams was so anti-spaghetti.

The DMV went on record to say that hats and/or head coverings are only allowed in license photos when it is because of a religious matter which makes Miller one devoted woman to the Spaghetti Monster, which is the God of Pastafarians.

Source: Huffington Post