Lindsay Lohan Posts Obvious Photoshop Fail To Instagram

Scientists are starting to believe evidence that we live in a “multiverse” – not just one universe but a multitude of unending universes layered on top of each.

I’d like to believe that the below photograph posted to Instagram by former actress turned permanent tabloid story Lindsay Lohan offers proof to this theory.

Matthew Mcconaughey is floating behind her dresser.

As you can see Lindsay Lohan’s butt has the power to bend the fabric of space time itself and open up a gateway to another dimension. The weird curving that appears is due to the effect her ass has on relativity; people traveling closer to her behind will age slower than observers here on earth. It’s some real Einstein shit.

“Let’s all do the time warp again!”- I hate that song.

That OR Lindsay tried to Photoshop her butt to look slimmer, which is stupid. Say what you will about her acting career and exploits, but I’m sure her ass looks at least halfway better than most of us fat slobs sitting here on the Internet. So just let it all out Lindsay, who cares.

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Source: Instagram