Lindsay Lohan Posted Another Photoshop Fail So Bad She Actually Deleted It

Poor Lindsay. Not everyone can be a whiz at photoshop, but today Lindsay Lohan has proved that she either needs to stop taking selfies and later doctoring them, or just hire a graphic designer already to make herself look thinner or whatever it is she’s trying to achieve.

In fact, this photoshop fail is so bad that she eventually deleted it from her page because even her hardcore fans started calling her out.

Looks like she had that wavy door frame and stairs finally installed.

This isn’t the first offense Lohan has had to come to terms with in the world of photoshop failures. We reported another recent go Lohan tried out in order to give herself a bigger butt. Those pesky door frames are always a dead giveaway.

Long story short, ladies, please stop using those photo apps to tweak your pictures. We all can tell what you’re doing. Use a filter and move on with your day.

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