Someone Mashed Up Limp Bizkit To Seinfeld’s Theme Song And It’s Oddly Perfect

Let’s face it, angry Fred Durst is like the “cooler version” of an angry George Costanza, so really a mashup involving Limp Biskit lyrics to the theme song of Seinfeld is just too damn perfect to be ignored. I haven’t heard a more ridiculous combination since Ginuwine’s “Pony” mashed to Tim Allen’s “grunt” graced the internet with it’s presence, which is high praise for this new mashup 90’s marriage. Warning: This might make your ears bleed, depending on your sense of humor levels.

There’s not a whole lot to know about the creator of this particular piece of beautiful music, other than they’ve uploaded two other videos to this account (neither unfortunately equally as brilliant if not just plain confusing) but that’s okay too. This is really all we need I think to wrap out the day.

Thanks to Shawn Kohne for the heads up.

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