Like Pot Brownies? Try Opium-Laced Chinese Food

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Several restaurants in China have been doing something illegal: Lacing/seasoning their food with opium.

This is presumably to get customers ‘hooked’ on their food.

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35 Chinese eateries have been investigated and five of them are being prosecuted after already being found guilty, according to the Chinese FDA.

Some of the restaurants are in Beijing… in case you are there on your next business trip and want to grab a bite to eat.

And this isn’t the first time this has happened in China:

There have been previous cases of opium-laced food in China…and opium is very, very addictive.

One recent lacing case was in 2014 in the province of Shaanxi.

A noodle guy was nailed for purposefully putting opium in his customer’s noodles…

a chinese food customer eats some noodles

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But the big score was in 2004, when a whopping 215 restaurants were closed down because of the same thing.

So one asks, are drugs so readily available in China? Well, opium is — it’s fairly cheap to buy in China as poppy powder.

People usually mix it with chili oil and powders to help keep it from detection (just FYI)…

a bowl full of poppy powder

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Of course, China isn’t the only country guilty, either. About a year ago, a bakery in Southern California drugged almost four dozen people with a hallucinogenic.

Also, every weekend for the past three years, my neighbor has been ‘seasoning’ his brownies with something he purchased with his medical marijuana card.

I’m suddenly starving…

Source: The Independent