The World’s First Lightsaber Sports Academy Looks Awesome (In A Very Sad Way)

Ever wanted to fight like a lightsaber-wielding Jedi? Well now you can thanks to the Light Saber Combat Academy lead by Jordan Court, a martial arts trained “enthusiast.” I think the enthusiast part is a keyword, here.

Held every Tuesday from 7PM to 11PM at St. Luke’s Church Hall (Are Catholics and Jedi’s affiliated?), fans of Star Wars will learn how to battle with a weapon not too unlike a lightsaber. Will it cut your hand off, good lord no. But it apparently has the closest weight and balance that a lightsaber might have, if such a weapon existed.

Unfortunately, the class is held in Italy (what!), but hey, the knowledge you will have retained after your classes will be worth more than some petty plane ticket, right?

Lucky for us, they have some videos on hand of the trainees in action. Frankly, this is probably the worst example these people could put online. I just find it entertaining to see a ginger finally get in the Jedi game.

Personally, I’d want the main John Williams suite on loop if I’m gonna battle someone and not use this bed-time crap. What am I paying for here?!

After seeing the group photo displayed on the “LudoSport” website, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to join up with this crew. And look, they found a girl!

Head HERE to learn more about the academy if you’re interested in joining up. For the rest of you, the link is at least worth a decent chuckle. And as the site says, the academy has no affiliation with Lucasfilm or the franchise.

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source: Metro