Lifetime’s Unauthorized Full House Movie Reveals Awful Bargain Bin Cast Photo

Apparently the last Lifetime movie based on the making of a beloved 90’s sitcom (Saved by the Bell) was so damn successful, the network has decided to create yet another based on the sitcom Full House. I can’t really blame them after the sitcom’s growing cult-like status along with a comeback series (Fuller House) in production for Netflix. But something seems a bit off with the first cast photo revealing what the leads look like in their portrayl of the iconic San Francisco family . I just can’t seem to put my finger on it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they cast Jon Stewart as Danny Tanner, Richard Marx as Uncle Jesse and Fat Elvis as Uncle Joey but how about those poor kids. Is that supposed to be DJ Tanner or Blossom?

Clearly the Lifetime network has completely given up which might make these TV movies more of an event than they had hoped. They are actually starting to look so bad, they could be the next Sharknado. With the movie titled “The Unauthorized Full House Story”, you can’t help but expect some real Game of Thrones type drama but I hardly think we’ll see Stephanie Tanner doing Coke off Comet’s back.

Here’s another shot in case you were confused who was playing who, which is likely.

Needless to say, if the likeness is any indication, the acting alone should make this TV movie worth a viewing. Look for it on Lifetime August 22nd.