Someone Made A Life-sized Benedict Cumberbatch Out Of 500 Chocolate Bars

If you are a lady looking for a dead sexy fella and also want to still indulge in some fine Belgian chocolate, we may have found your man. In order to celebrate the launch of a new drama TV network, UKTV created a contest polling over 2,000 women on who they thought was the “dishiest dramatic actor on UK TV.” Turns out it is Benedict Cumberbatch. Weird, I would have gone with Rowan Atkinson as the “dishiest.”

I wish more humans were made out of chocolate.

They then commissioned a team of eight sculptors and chocolatiers to create a solid chocolate, life sized replica of the Sherlock star.  Using 500 melted bars of premium Belgian chocolate, “Benedict Chocobatch” as they are calling him stands 6 feet tall and weighs 88 pounds. Just don’t leave him out in the sun for too long or it’s going to be Benedict Puddlebatch.

Someone remind this lady that chocolate melts in the shower.

Cumberbatch won the honor of being turned into a chocolate statue over other actors including David Tennant, Idris Elba and Sean Bean. Of turning Cumberbatch into Chocobatch, sculptor Tim Simpson says; “The striking thing about Benedict is that he’s got quite a thin face but he’s got a large head.”

Watch the video on how they made him:

[[contentId: 2841246| | size: 75]]

Well I guess after a few hungry ladies have at him, his head won’t be so big. Niiiice.

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Source:  Daily Record