You Had One Job: Library Bus Isn’t Doing Anyone Any Favors With Glaring Typo

A library bus can be a cool educational source for children not only learning how to read, but hopefully enjoying it in the process instead of sitting in some old dank library. Unfortunately for one school district in Somerset, England, their library bus needs a few spelling lessons of their own after parents and teachers discovered a glaring error on the bus’ decal.

“This spelling is to the brain what alcohol is to the liver.”

I know they spell things weird over there in Europe like adding silent e’s to almost every word, but I’m pretty sure “exercise” should be spelled the same in both American and British English. One of the members of the Somerset School Board issued this comment, stating “We are aware of the mistake on this particular mobile library and as far as we are aware this is the only vehicle with the mistake.”

I mean I know we’re not the greatest spellers, but we’re also not a library bus either. Way to go, Library Bus. You had one job.

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source: Metro