Let’s Talk About This Call Me Maybe/Nine Inch Nails Mashup

Mashups are a big thing in music now. Girl Talk is probably the most popular. Producer Danger Mouse got started creating mashups. Now, everyone is creating them and this right here has got to be the most f**ked up, brilliant, disturbing, genius, terrible one that’s ever been created.

So here’s what we have:

“Call Me Maybe” is a fun summer pop song about a girl who has developed an extreme crush on a guy and hopes that he will call her… maybe. (Or is she asking to be called “Maybe?” Commas are important, people).

“Head Like A Hole” is one of Nine Inch Nail’s bigger songs, one that is an anthem of rebellion against big money, big banks, big government, and being under control from some giant, evil being or corporation.

What sick bastard thought this was a good idea? pomDeter is his SoundCloud name. He has many other mashups you should check out (Fresh In Your Arms is pretty damn phenomenal as well).

So how should we feel about this? Is this amazing? Terrible? Is it weird that it makes me feel upset yet excited at the same time? We really need to have a discussion about this mashup. And don’t just make an insult. Let’s be constructive in our love/hatred of this.

Now, I’m going to go listen to this for the 57th time and try to figure it out.