President Of CBS Stiffs This Valet Guy On Camera Because He Only Had $100 Bills

It must suck to be a multi-millionaire. You’re always stuck carrying $100 dollar bills with no one around you to be able to break those bills, leaving you alone to weep in your mansion, crying into your bed of silk pillows. What might be even worse is being an employee on crappy minimum wage who needs tips to just break even for the week.

Les Moonves, the president of CBS has just that problem (not the minimum wage problem, the $100 bill problem) after being seen on camera retrieving his car from the valet of a fancy restaurant only to find that he just simply doesn’t have the type of cash to give the valet guy a tip, after breaking out his wad of $100s of course. The valet guy finally breaks the ice and tells him it’s okay with Moonves responding “I’ll get ya next time”, a phrase that should only be said by people who normally don’t have ANY money, let alone a wad of cash.

Check out Moonves pulling out his power-play of dough, none of which goes to the valet guy.

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But what if he needed that wad of $100’s because he was off to go buy some new televisions for an orphanage?! Let’s break Les Moonves’ income down; His net worth is $300 million, he makes $70 million per year being the president of CBS, he not only has a house in Beverly Hills but two more in New York and Malibu and he’s married to news anchor/CBS producer Julie Chen who has a whole solid bank account all her own. Can he spare $100? Absolutely. Afterall it’s not the valet guy’s fault that Moonves refuses to carry some $10s like a normal person.

I hope the valet guys tell Moonves their lot is full, forcing him to go find a meter 10 blocks away. Remember to bring quarters!