Leo Not Being Able To Put Down His Oscar Is The New Leo Oscar Gif

Leonardo DiCaprio never winning the Academy Award despite being nominated numerous times, and for good roles, was the perfect subject for internet Gif hilarity. Hell, there was even a video game about it! Well, the D has won so it’s time to scrap all of those old hilarious Gifs because, well, they’re just useless now. So what do we do? Is Leo off limits now? Far from it apparently because this Gif is proof that it’s time to usher in a whole new era of DiCaprio Gif comedy.

So what’s the new theme now? Leo simply just can’t put his Oscar down.

Perfect. Of course this doesn’t mean we can’t take a look back and those memes that really should go into the Gif Hall of Fame. Here are seven classic Leo needing that Oscar Gif memes before we ship them out onto a burning boat.

1. The “Rubbing It In”.

2. The “Hold It Together”.

3. The “F*ck It”.


4. The “Within Arms Reach”.

5. The “I love you so much I want to hurt you.”

6. The “Finish Line”.

7. The “Longing”.

Alright, time to get cracking internet. 1 Gif down and a million to go.