This A-List Star Applauded And Cheered As Orlando Bloom Decked Justin Bieber

After Bloom socked Bieber for mouthing off, Bloom's good friend Leonardo DiCaprio cheered his pal on yelling "What a show! What a show!" The man clearly knows a good time when he sees one.

We reported yesterday that Bieber allegedly said "She was good" under his breath as Bloom neglected to shake Bieber's hand, but that wasn't all that started the fight. DiCaprio had a hand in brushing off the popstar by not letting him sit at their table. Now that's awesome.

But DiCaprio actually wasn't the only notable name at Bloom's table that night. Lindsay Lohan and Diddy of all people was also in attendance, who laughed during the altercation and cheered Bloom on.

I was curious though if DiCaprio was just being his friend's fight wingman or if DiCaprio had a stake in this tussle as well. Apparently, aside from Bloom's now ex-sife, Bieber has had a tendency to hang out with DiCaprio's ladies.

via Socialite

That kid certainly gets around for being only 20-years-old. At his age, I was busy trying to figure out if it was uncool for me to collect old TV Guide's (don't make me explain), let alone hang out in clubs and date super models. Sheesh.

Regardless, it makes me like DiCaprio that much more for not only backing the right horse, but also cheering the guy on. I'm sure if it got to a certain point, DiCaprio would've jumped right in there, considering Bieber's bodyguards look like the Oakland Raiders. But it looked like Bloom handled it pretty well anyway.

And in case case you missed it, here it is. Unfortunately it lacks DiCaprio's cheering.


source: Mirror