Anti-Surveillance Mask Helps You Avoid Cameras And Scare The Hell Out Of People

Leo Selvaggio has created an easy way for you to avoid those pesky surveillance cameras that use facial recognition to not only find out your identity but also track your every move, with the help of his new anti-surveillance mask.  It’ll also make babies cry for no extra cost.

Leo explains: “Using my own face as a decoy, these products serve to protect the public from surveillance by having cameras track me instead of you.”

From his company URME Surveillance (Get it?  You’re me?) Leo’s indiegogo campaign is only a few hundred short of their $1000 goal with each mask priced at $200.  A small price to pay when you realize gas stations carry around $300.  That’s a $100 profit right there!

The company is also offering a more cost friendly disguise with the Leo Selvaggio line of “paper masks”, in case you felt like being out-right creepy instead of a double-take kind of creepy.

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Malkovich, Malkovich?

Leo goes on to explain “I would of course like to believe that others will use these devices responsibly and I can’t be clearer that I do not condone criminal activity.”  Leo must have the same PR staff as the NRA.  “However it is possible, and I have weighed out the possibility that a crime may become associated with me. That being said, I have come to the conclusion that it is worth the risk if it creates public discourse around surveillance practices and how it affects us all.”

So, I think it’s safe to say that if you’re someone that really feels the need to wear these masks in public, and not because you’re a criminal, you’re probably just a crazy person.  And if you’re someone that really feels the need to wear these masks in public so you can commit crimes, well then you’re just a smart criminal and Leo Selvaggio thanks you for your business.

Personally, I prefer my Barack Obama mask that was only $14.99.  Here’s a great picture of me wearing it while robbing a Wal-Mart.

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source: CNet