Leonardo DiCaprio Is Allegedly Raped By A Bear Twice In His New Movie…What?

If only movie studios knew “bear rape” would be a big attention getter, bear rape scenes would’ve appeared in films long ago. That would’ve been a great way to end Forrest Gump, right?

Thanks to The Druge Report, the internet found out that in Leonardo DiCaprio’s new dramatic film titled The Revenant, Leo D. himself who portrays a frontiersman in the 1800’s apparently gets raped by a bear not once, but twice. Of course we report this with a grain of salt but needless to say, no one is really saying that this scene DOESN’T happen in the movie. At least anyone besides the studio behind the The Revenant (pun intended).

Fox Studios heard about the hub-bub surrounding the stellar rape scene created between Leo D. and a bear and says that it’s just simply not true. “There is clearly no rape scene with a bear.” Suuuure there’s not, Fox. Suuuure. However, if this is just a joke created by The Druge Report in order to get a movie studio to say the words “bear rape” in an official press release, a job well done to all guilty parties.

Here’s Drudge’s official report on the already classic scene.

Drudge’s statement claims that “The bear flips Leo over and thrusts and thrusts during the explicit mauling.” Now that’s a stocking stuffer no one really asked for.

Regardless if this story is made up or not, bear rape is no laughing matter. But it does make for one ridiculous ploy for marketing. Check out The Revenant in theaters on Dec. 25th to see this alleged bear rape scene yourself…if it does exist…which now I kind of hope it does.