Lena Dunham Says She’s ‘Horny For Baseball Players,’ Has Spat With Lenny Dykstra

Lena Dunham, to put it lightly, is the most annoying f#&ing person in Hollywood today. Everyone got themselves into a tizzy after she published an autobiography that included the time she finger-fucked her little sister, but that didn’t even blip on my radar – in a world where we’re okay with rosebudding (google it without safe search on), denying climate change and nixing the dollar menu for the 2 for $5, THIS is what gets people talking? Please. I’ve watched at least 50 step-sisters fuck their step-brothers on RedTube as adults; Lena Dunham doing the five-fingered shuffle in her sister’s pants back when she was five ain’t shit to me.

Honestly, the only thing about Lena Dunham that gets me bitching in the morning is the fact that she feels the need to post pictures like this…

…and this…

…on Twitter, followed by her complaining that the site “truly wasn’t a safe space for me” after getting a barrage of insults on her appearance. Well duh. You think ANYONE with even a lick of fame can post an ugly selfie and walk away unscathed? And the fact that you’re fa- I’m sorry, “overweight” is essentially like putting the microwave on “nuclear” mode and then sticking your head inside for 20 minutes – what did you expect? The only people on the Internet who would look at those pictures and start jerking you off for being “heroic” and “brave” are on Tumblr, yet Tumblr also has shit like this flying around:

Yeah – safe to say that pandering to the Tumblr crowd isn’t going to get you far in life.

So rather than post another ridiculous photo that TOTALLY WASN’T POSTED with the sole intent of getting her name in the news, Lena Dunham decided to try and expand her audience by tweeting the following:

Wow indeed.

Former MLB center fielder Lenny Dykstra wasted no time getting back to her, followed by a long series of troll-tweets in which Lena responds to by complaining about how he’s “revolting.”

What a shocker – Dunham has no sense of humor.

Would you rather lick your way through 12 miles of shattered glass, or spend your day with Lena Dunham? Let us know in the comments!

[H/T BroBible]