This Lego Man Leads A More Exciting Life Than You (15 Pics)

There’s a reason they make movies about Lego men and not about you. Look at the exciting lives they lead? While this guy is out frolicking on an exotic beach with a half-naked (admittedly block-ish) woman, we’re in front of our computers watching the world leave us behind. While we’re watching videos of idiots getting hit in the nuts, this toy is exploring the Australian Outback and fighting sharks off the coast of Portugal. And to make matters worse, this guy can’t even bend his elbows or knees! In other words, he’s out there living despite his disability, while we’re here, sitting on our asses. We have a lot to learn from this Lego man (and his lady friend). Here are 15 pics (and a bonus video) that prove it.

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This video isn’t related, but it’s relevant.