Someone Tried To Sell “Left Shark” Toys And Katy Perry’s Lawyers Stopped It

The “Left Shark” managed to do something that no one ever thought was possible: make a Super Bowl halftime show entertaining. We’ve raved on and on about Katy Perry’s performance but the walking sharks somehow stole the show away from a cute pop star with big boobs.

They’ve become such a pop culture staple in such a short amount of time, the people in the costumes actually used them as a selling point on Tinder. Designs for the costumes have even started popping up in store catalogues and DIY websites. Some people even started making their own “Left Shark” figurines and that’s when Katy Perry’s personal sharks, er, lawyers decided it was time to step into the fray.

Singer Katy Perry as seen here with her team of lawyers.

Artist Fernando Sosa came up with a 3D printable design for the Left Shark that he could sell to the fans through the 3D printing site Shapeways. Perry’s lawyers saw the shark figurine and didn’t like that he was profiting off of their artist’s creation and decided to get the courts involved. They sent Sosa a cease and desist order claiming that the Left Shark is copyrighted and considered a protected intellectual property. Therefore they claim that he can’t sell it. I’m curious if he instead called it “Shark with Legs” lawyers wouldn’t be able to shut him down.

Of course, this is the Internet and not even a team of overpaid music lawyers can stop it from releasing something it wants. You can still download a free version of the shark if you have your own 3D printer from MakerBoy’s Thingiverse. Plus, stealing a design for a cartoon killing machine that has no moral compass is a great way to stick it to any lawyer.

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source: Engadget