Leelee Sobieski: St. Joan of Fappening


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Along with a handful of Hollywood stars, Leelee Sobieski is one of those intellectual actresses who attended Brown University briefly before dropping out to focus on acting. Discovered by a casting director when she was in elementary private school, Leelee, which is short for Liliane, was invited to read for the role of Claudia in Interview with the Vampire. The part eventually went to Kirsten Dunst but the experience sparked Leelee’s acting career. Known as a Helen Hunt look-alike, Leelee acted in various roles as a child and teenager most notably in Stanley Kubrick’s last film, Eyes Wide Shut, as a nerd in the Drew Barrymore starrer, Never Been Kissed and the lead in the TV miniseries, Joan of Arc for which she received an Emmy and Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Movie or Miniseries.

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Leelee’s latest role is as one of the actresses whose privacy was invaded in The Fappening Part 2 when more hacked nude pictures were released online. In Leelee’s group of pictures, there are several photos of her topless, some in which she is covering her breasts. In at least ten pictures, she is fully naked but the pictures are taken from a side angle and you can only see her fairly large breasts. It’s clear Leelee is no longer a child. Most of the photos are selfies and seem to be taken in the bathroom where a mirror is handy useful for these type of shots. Leelee is in her underwear in a few pictures but the oddest picture is one in which she is wearing a bra and posing with porn star Ron Jeremy who is dressed in a tuxedo. Hopefully that was on the set of a movie and not in her bedroom. Eew.

From child star to a sexy scene as an adult:


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In 2001, Leelee played Jewish resistance fighter, Tosia Altman in Uprising, a TV movie about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. In the film, Leelee’s character strips down in front of a Nazi soldier and although Leelee covers up her breasts, you can still see her partially covered lady parts. This full frontal nudity shot was probably only in the international theatrical and DVD release. For this role, she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film.




Chances are the pictures were for her husband, Adam Kimmel who is a men’s fashion designer. Leelee became a mother in December 2009 when she gave birth to their daughter, Louisanna Ray Kimmel. Leelee said she was a virgin until she got married, “I guess 26 is kind of old to lose your virginity but it was important to me that I remained a virgin until after I was married.” She revealed that she made that choice not for religious reasons but because, “My virginity was the most precious gift that I could ever give to a man and I wanted to be sure I was giving it to the right man.” Which may be the reason Leelee and her first husband, actor Matt Davis split up several months after getting married in a secret wedding in 2008.  Davis is best known as the boyfriend whom Reese Witherspoon’s character followed to Harvard in Legally Blond. Leelee and Davis appeared together in a 2009 romantic comedy, Finding Bliss. She met Kimmel shortly after her split from Davis and refers to Kimmel when talking about the gift of her virginity. Which is interesting since the couple didn’t get married until after the birth of their daughter. Leelee and Kimmel’s second child however is definitely not the second coming of Christ since that baby was conceived after their marriage.

Guess Leelee really wanted to be pregnant:

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You bet. When she was sixteen years-old and cast as Joan of Arc, Leelee noted, “This is the first time Joan of Arc is being played by a virgin.” Which means Leelee must have some insider info on the virtue of Maria Falconetti  who played Joan in the classic silent “The Passion of Joan of Arc,” Ingrid Bergman who played the saint in the 1948 production, “Joan of Arc” and Jean Seberg who did a stint as Joan in the 1957 film. Milla Jovovich also portrayal St. Joan in 1999 but in a feature film. However, she was dating the film’s director, Luc Besson who later became her husband so chances are Leelee’s statement about being the only virgin stands correct. When asked at the time if sharing such personal information was strange, sixteen year-old Leelee simply shrugged and said, “I’m 16 years old. If I was 24 and saying this, that would be sort of strange.” (How about when you’re 26 years old?!) Leelee explained her statement, “I’m just open and honest although I don’t think I’ll tell anybody when I’m not a virgin anymore! I love to say fun, silly things.” Based on her statement regarding her virginity, perhaps now Leelee should play the Virgin Mary.  

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