Lebron James May Leave Miami, So Here Are 25 Gifs To Celebrate

When LeBron James joined Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade with the Miami Heat, expectations were high. At his “welcome party,” which was a glorified high school pep rally, James himself predicted a dynasty that would span seven championships. But much like Hitler’s “Thousand-Year Reich,” King James’ evil empire may fall far short of its stated goals.

In what is being billed as “The Decision II,” James has declared himself a free agent, opting out of his contract with Miami. If James does end up heading to another team, he’ll do so having won only two championships, one of which was during a truncated season.

Only two championships? That sounds like a stupid thing for an Internet hack to complain about, especially considering I can barely jog. But considering the expectations that were fueled by LeBron himself, even back-to-back titles don’t seem that impressive.

Granted, this could all be a bargaining ploy, and LeBron could be back in a Heat uniform next season. But for now, it’s time for all the bandwagon Lebron-haters like myself to relish this news and childishly compare him to Hitler. And to celebrate, here are 25 gifs to remind you why people hate LeBron in the first place. Enjoy.