Lay's Newest Potato Chip Flavor Will Destroy Your Faith In Science

The competition is on. After months of submissions, Lay’s has narrowed down the four finalists in their annual Try To Make People Barf contest. This year, one entry may have opened a door that can never be closed.

If you’re a fan of dunking a nice earthy spud into your foamy espresso, you’ll be happy to know that a Cappuccino-flavored chip will be available in late July. This unique flavor is vying against Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese, Mango Salsa, and Wasabi Ginger to become a permanent chip in Lay’s catalog of unholy abominations wrought by science.

The four flavors will be available in stores for customers to sample and then vote for their favorite online through October 18th. It’s a decision that surely is going to divide us all. This begs the question; can we close Pandora's bag now that we've opened it?

Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should.

It’s a classic case of technological determinism. Just because the science is available doesn't mean we should have used it. A Cappuccino chip crosses the line and soon we will all be rubbing chemicals on our tongues that trick them into thinking pressed potato shavings taste like a congo bar.

And where does this leave the classics? Eventually our thirst for scientifically-modified snacks will be impossible to slake, and favorites like Original, Barbecue, and Cheddar & Sour Cream will be pushed aside. Charles A. Beard put it best, "Technology marches in seven-league boots from one ruthless, revolutionary conquest to another, tearing down old factories and industries, flinging up new processes with terrifying rapidity."

We’re headed down a one-way path to Hell. I would be interested to try the Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese flavor though. (Source)