Lawyer Says Devil Horns, 666 Tats Will Give Man Unfair Trial

PhilHaney by PhilHaney on Aug. 22, 2014

You’ve heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but what about a guy covered in Satanic tattoos sporting a pair of devil horn implants, who is accused of murder?

This guy could join Slipknot and not need to wear a mask.

Caius Veiovis is not the lead singer of a Norwegian Black Metal band, but rather the third suspect to face trial for the triple homicide of David Glasser, Edward Frampton and Robert Chadwell in Pittsfield, Massachusetts back in 2011. His alleged accomplices have already been convicted for killing and dismembering the men. While it may seem like an open and shut case Veiovis’ lawyer is more concerned that he won’t get a fair trial and jurors will be swayed to his guilt due to his “unique” appearance. What if “666” is just his address and he’s like the guy from Memento?

That Forehead Swastika Is The Only Reason Charles Manson Is Locked Up If You Don’t Think About It

This week defense attorney James Reardon Jr. got the judge in the case to agree to ask potential jurors if there is anything about Veiovis’ appearance that would hinder them from giving him a fair trial. Really James? He seems lovely, why don’t you have him babysit your kids.

Norm McDonald voice: “Yeah, also what could impact the trial? Him being a murderer.”

Although, this could set a really great precedent if somehow the Dark Lord over here gets set free (THANKS LAWYERS). If you are accused of murder, just go out and get a giant satanic pentagram scarified into your face.

Get out of Jail Free Card

Although I guess things work both ways; we all recall how the internet went all Niagara Falls over Jeremy Meeks, with his model mug shot.

The lesson here kids is either be really, really, good looking or such a total freak that people judge you for what’s on the outside, not how many people you murdered.

What do you think, will devil boy get a "fair" trial?

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Tarryn-ItUp-123 User

He murdered people.... send him to hell. I believe if you take a life you should give your life. Unless you are murdering someone who raped you, your children or murdered your family member ect.. then you just had it coming imo.

Troels-Larsen-157 User

Personally, I only find it fair that anyone with a sufficiently grotesque appearance should be immediately acquitted as they will not receive an unbiased trial. Seriously, what did the defense attorney expect? A mistrial?

That being said, I suppose it is only fair that the jurors should be told to attempt to ignore the idiots appearance and focus on the evidence.

swany65 User

Should break be judged for their horrible headline writing? btw, it's too not to. 

Grow-a-Pear User

there are many of us who can overlook appearances depending on the need. that is why attorneys get to select  from a large pool.

I would certainly include his appearance if opining on his character and self worth which is much more subjective than judging his acts using physical evidence. I don't care if he looks like a choir-boy when it comes to criminal activity: provide the evidence and I can make a judgement on that alone.

These defense attorneys have gotten so ridiculous it makes me wonder how they could ever have passed the bar. 

HyperCubeMD User

Like I told my kids growning up, The best way not to be judged on your tattoos is to never get them in the first place. 

Mike-Emmons-39 User

its not like he is a black guy in front of an all white jury ffs.

Andulamb User

He SHOULD be judged for his looks. They're the looks he chose to give himself, so they say a lot about who he is. If he doesn't like that, he shouldn't have made himself look like a freak.

libra8 User

@swany65 If you are talking about the posts above you they are correct it's "to".  "too"= also