Thor Lives And He’s A Norwegian Naval Officer

Lasse Matberg has skyrocketed to internet stardom thanks to his striking resemblance to Thor. Chris Hemsworth might have played him in Hollywood but this guy is truly the Marvel superhero in the flesh.


Matberg, who is an officer in the Royal Norwegian Navy, stands 6-foot-6 and rocks a mane of long blonde hair with a lumberjack beard to match.

Almost overnight, Matberg has accumulated more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, with a swarm of commenters expressing their feelings for their new-found crush. “No joke here you are so beautiful I am in tears,” one person gushed, while another noted that Matberg is “proof God exists.”

Other fans have dubbed him a “modern day Viking” thanks to his Scandinavian ancestry. 

While he might have become popular due to being a Thor lookalike, women have taken notice of everything else Matberg has to offer. “[Fans] want to marry me or ask me to make them pregnant,” Matberg bragged.


Source: Instagram