The Laser-Cat Kid Will Get His Photo In The Yearbook Alongside His Principal

As you probably remember, Draven Rodriguez, a senior at New York’s Schenectady high school, had a mad vision of a Utopian society where yearbook photos would be nothing short of awesome. But the evil authorities at his high school – who control the yearbook photos – were not amused. Yes, “The Man” wanted to take him down!

The yearbook photo in question features Rodriguez wearing a suit and holding his cat, Mr. Bigglesworth. Pink and blue lasers crisscross over the image and a large, superimposed shot of the cat appears in the upper right-hand corner.

Question: awesome yearbook photo –or the MOST awesome yearbook photo?

After his photo was rejected, Rodriguez started a petition drive with the goal of getting 500 signatures. He ended up with 7,408 signatures. Yes, an outraged America has spoken, and it’s demanding more laser cat yearbook photos. His photo efforts have even spawned other laser cat imitators:

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After days of closed room negotiations, Rodriguez’ media-savvy principal agreed to a compromise: She and Rodriguez would appear in the photo together with their animals; both rescue pets. Also, the photo will appear on the principal’s page in the yearbook, and not the senior section. It’s tough, but fair.

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Well played, principal.

Basically, Draven Rodriguez has become the Rosa Parks of laser cat yearbook photos. Fight the power!