Landlord Claims Tenants Made 3-Bedroom Apt. Into 10 Bedrooms To Rent On AirBNB

For today in outrage we go to the Elmhurst neighborhood of Queens, New York.  That is where a landlord says two tenants rented his three bedroom apartment and promptly turned it into TEN bedrooms so they could rent them on AirBNB. And my landlord won’t even let me get a dog!

  • Eddie Shiew is the property owner of a small, three floor apartment building in Queens.
  • He rented the third floor apartment to Burak Firik and Dogan Kimilli for $2,500, but now he wishes he hadn’t.

Tenants from hell.

  • Other tenants complained about loud construction noise coming from the third floor shortly after the two moved in.
  • Shiew hadn’t approved of any construction and when he went to see what was going on discovered that the whole apartment was being completely renovated.
  • A construction crew had put up walls of sheetrock to turn the three bedroom space into ten bedrooms without the landlord’s knowledge. And your landlord got mad when you painted the living room orange.
  • To top it off the pair were renting out the new room cubicles for $35 a night on AirBNB- the “room sharing” app.
  • I’m guessing he better check the basement for a drug tunnel or a horde of illegal black market chicken wings.
  • So the landlord fired back, bringing in his own workmen to tear down the walls and put the apartment back the way it was.
  • He changed the locks and demanded that Firik and Kimilli leave, trying to evict them.
  • However the two young entrepreneurs took the landlord to court… and the court SIDED WITH THE PSCYO TENANTS. They got a court order against the landlord saying he can’t lock them out.
  • Once back in the apartment they haven’t built any more walls but are still renting out the place on AirBNB, dividing the place up with curtains.
  • They even taunted the landlord with texts, saying; “We know the laws very well, you’ll not be able to evict us ever.”
  • This reminds me of an old Michael Keaton movie, Pacific Heights about a psycho tenant who terrorizes his landlords and there is nothing they can do about it legally.  Damn good movie.
  • The lease the two signed clearly says “Except as authorized by the consent of the Landlord, Tenants will not make any repairs or alterations to the premises.”
  • The two say they live in the apartment, but when the local news went there they only discovered AirBNB renters who say they have never met or seen the tenants. Oooh, caught in a lie, they will be in trouble now!
  • Clearly the court gives no F’s, but the landlord hopes to have them out of the building “in a few months.” Ugh.

Break Question of The Day: What is the worst apartment renting experience you have ever had?

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Source: PIX11