Lakes Of Titan Gleam With Sunlight In NASA Photo

The NASA spacecraft Cassini has been traveling around the planet Saturn and its moons for the past ten years. In that time it has captured some amazing photos and given scientists some incredible data on that planetary system. In doing some sweet planetary “drive-bys” Cassini was able to capture this stitched together mosaic of Saturn’s moon Titan in near infrared, capturing the sun as it shines off of it’s seas and lakes. While astrobiologists are excited about the fact that conditions on the moon resemble that of an early Earth, you won’t be packing up the kids and going camping there anytime soon. That’s because Titan’s lakes are made of methane.

Lake of Fire

Before making this incredible image, earlier this year Cassini had space fans excited over an “magic island” that appeared and then disappeared on Titan’s surface, causing speculation over the existence of an ocean tide on Titan. Or Aliens.



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